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The Bible Does not Always Speak the Truth | Parchment and Pen


“A Little Experiment to Teach Skeptics about NT Accuracy”

EXTREMELY cool idea and tactic to use against skeptics who criticize “contradictions” in the bible.  It’s amazing how the standards change when people start to critique the Bible.  Awesome job Neil (not me, but I did meet Neil Mammen a few weeks back.  Great guy.  Go check out his site).

“Fulfilled Prophecy: Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible”

The mathematical odds of the prophecy fulfilled in Christ by chance is mind-boggling.

“The Scriptural Chain of Custody”

Another outstanding article from showing how the letters from the apostles were handled from the original apostles all the way down to the council of Laodicea.  Very interesting and relevant to the authenticity of the authorship of the Bible.

Debate on KJVOnlyism

James White vs. Jack Moorman

“You can’t trust the gospels because they are biased”

J. Warner Wallace, at, does an outstanding job of showing a few key points about the gospels in response to claims of bias:

  1. The eyewitnesses (apostles) did not start out with a bias (for Jesus or Christianity)
  2. The eyewitnesses only became Christians in RESPONSE to what they saw
  3. The eyewitnesses are reliable in other areas (Geographic descriptions, cultural descriptions, descriptions of historical events)
  4. The eyewitnesses had little to gain by lying [about Jesus]

The link to the podcast can be found here:

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