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The Truth: Early Christianity: 1st Corinthians 15 Creed


Was Jesus God?

An outstanding article with ample documentation proving that Jesus Christ was indeed God.

Video: Did Jesus Exist?

It surprises me that people still question Jesus’ existence.  No other individual from antiquity with this much textual attestation has their existence questioned and attacked like Jesus.   My theory on why people still question his existence is due to their disbelief of his supernatural claims and miracles, which is grounded in naturalistic presuppositions.  Not that this is probabbly news to a lot of you.

Just my $.02.

May this video be a blessing to you.



“Was Jesus Worshiped as God?”

Another compelling argument put together at Please Convince Me.  A great article to use when debating people who don’t believe Jesus is also “God” and not just “a god” or “a good teacher” or something else entirely.

“Did Jesus exist”

“By no means are we at the mercy of those who doubt or deny that Jesus ever lived.” – Rudolf Bultmann

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