Million dollar evangelist


Back in January, I went to a missionary conference.  Two representatives of Living Waters were there and introduced me to the “$1,000,000 Bill tract”.

I think this tract is effective for a number of reasons:

  1. It is attractive and something that people will want to pick up (seriously, if you see something like a dollar bill lying around, are you just going to let it lie there?)
  2. It is easily portable (all of us already have wallets or other items to carry our cash around).
  3. It contains a clear gospel message.

These qualities are important in a tract because it means that as followers of Christ we will have something with a gospel message that is portable and attractive to the recipient.  You don’t even have to hand it to someone if you want to give it to someone.  Just put it on a store shelf and it will be gone in minutes (I have gone back to check multiple times and it was gone EVERY TIME).  This is a easy first step to help timid evangelists start getting in the habit of sharing the gospel.  I have handed out hundreds of these over the past few months, and now it is second nature just to put them around wherever I go.

Great work living waters.  I pray that this tract and strategy will glorify God and give courage and hope to other believers out there.

God bless.



About Neil

I am a Christian public speaker, Middle School science teacher, husband, evangelist, apologist and a big nerd.

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