Age of the Earth Debate: Ham and Lisle vs Ross and Kaiser

I’m almost done watching this series of videos and it has been pretty enlightening.  Ham and Ross are two of the big names in their respective camps, I just wish John Ankerberg would keep his bias out of the debate.

My biggest qualms so far is that anytime science shows that the earth or universe is older than 10,000 years they insist that uniformitarianism is assumed.  While I agree that we can’t automatically assume uniformitarianism, saying that any evidence showing uniformitarianism must be misunderstood, I think, in and of itself, shows bias.  To me, it shows that they believe that 6,000-10,000 years MUST be the age of the earth and there is no room for interpretation even though some of the greatest modern Hebrew scholars (Like Gleason Archer) interpreted it that way and early church fathers came to the conclusion of an old earth without any modern science to point them in that direction.

I admit to having presupositions:  I grew up LOVING science and being luke warm (at best) for Christ.  Thus, most of my life has been spent believing in and old earth.  Now I am on fire for Christ, but still thoroughly enjoy science.  I can’t change the fact that I have presuppositions, I have to wade through these creation waters with them.

The bottom line here is that regardless on what one thinks about the age of creation, there is nothing in the bible that I can find that having an incorrect view on the age of creation will keep someone out of heaven if they have true faith in Christ.

Nature and scripture do not contradict.  Our interpretation of them can and does.  I think that by keeping scripture FIRST, interpreting it as faithfully as we can (and acknowledging that there is some room for alternate interpretation within scripture…as long as it is not blatantly heretical), then we CAN use nature to help us correct our interpretations about creation (to a degree).

I’m still undecided on the issue, and I doubt I will ever be 100% on one side on the age of the earth issue, until I meet my creator and ask him myself.


About Neil

I am a Christian public speaker, Middle School science teacher, husband, evangelist, apologist and a big nerd.

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