“You can’t trust the gospels because they are biased”

J. Warner Wallace, at PleaseConvinceMe.com, does an outstanding job of showing a few key points about the gospels in response to claims of bias:

  1. The eyewitnesses (apostles) did not start out with a bias (for Jesus or Christianity)
  2. The eyewitnesses only became Christians in RESPONSE to what they saw
  3. The eyewitnesses are reliable in other areas (Geographic descriptions, cultural descriptions, descriptions of historical events)
  4. The eyewitnesses had little to gain by lying [about Jesus]

The link to the podcast can be found here: https://backup.filesanywhere.com/Player/ELinkMusicPlayer.aspx?UV=A


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I am a Christian public speaker, Middle School science teacher, husband, evangelist, apologist and a big nerd.

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